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CrossFit PHX: Raise Your Standard

Ranked as the #1 CrossFit Box in the US for 2017 according to Men's Fitness magazine!


We at CrossFit PHX are passionate about fitness and much more. Inside the walls of CrossFit PHX, you'll find community, camaraderie, support, friendship and a place where you're driven to put forth everything you've got toward becoming the best you.  We foster an environment of friendly competition, and at the end of every workout, and the end of the day, we are Team, Community, and Family.  The leaders here are your coaches - highly educated, experienced and passionate about what they do here. CrossFit PHX was built on passion but also the know-how to deliver the results you seek. At CrossFit PHX, you can expect the best from the best, on the road to becoming your best. 

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. – Colin Powell

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Our World-Class Facility

CrossFit PHX's facilities are all about function and functional fitness. Inside our industrially designed space, we are equipped with the highest quality CrossFit and cross-training equipment forged by American ingenuity and steel. We have everything you need and nothing less than the best to get us in the best shape of our lives. CrossFit PHX boasts 3,600 sq. ft. of open space that provides the ideal setting for fun, high-intensity group workouts and private one-on-one sessions. 

  • CrossFit PHX is hands down the best gym in the Phx area. Mycal, the owner is a great coach and overall a good person. He’s honest, helpful, motivating, and truly wants to see you succeed. I was pretty nervous going to CrossFit PHX for the first time. You never know what the other members are going to be like, how the coaches will treat you. But I can tell you they blew me away. At my first class each members came up to me and introduced themselves. Throughout the whole class they were encouraging and really made me feel welcomed. Over the years I’ve belong to all sorts of gyms, both regular, CrossFit and general Fitness classes. If you are looking for a CrossFit gym…

    Shawn C.

  • After my box unexpectedly shut its doors I was without a gym so I tried several gyms in the area and none of them felt like "home" until I found Crossfit PHX. Between the coaches and programming I feel like I found the perfect place to train.

    Evan R.

  • Amazing training environment and extremely supportive network of athletes. Team atmosphere provides a high level of motivation. The coaching staff is knowledgeable and always willing to point out not only your strengths but also points for improvement. I have made great strides in the 4 months I have been at CrossFit PHX, and I am confident that I will only continue to improve moving forward.

    Matthew L.